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From darkness into light: why an IPPN delivers data-gathering ecommerce success

The internet has opened up a world of shopping opportunity for consumers, but it’s also resulted in a fiercely contested ecommerce market. Or Lenchner, CEO of Luminati, discusses the challenges of obtaining real-time, accurate, competitive data in this environment, and why an IP proxy network (IPPN) can restore transparency and openness to the web, to benefit consumers worldwide.

Internet Retailing | 01-Nov-2019

Using an IPPN to fight ad fraud: your questions, answered

It’s a well-known fact: the internet is a marketer’s dream, offering brands the chance to engage with consumers on a one-to-one basis, on a huge scale.

Cloud Tweaks | 18-Sep-2019

Company Spotlight: Luminati

To remain competitive and relevant, global brands need data, which is primarily sourced from the internet. Whether for price comparison purposes or checking other companies’ catalogues, a business must have open, unfettered access to the online domains holding this data.

Internet Retailing | 12-Sep-2019

Unveiling the internet: Discover how to unlock accurate market intelligence at Luminati workshop

Imagine you’re buying a shirt from your favourite online fashion brand. It’s highly likely that, in order to set the most attractive (and competitive) price for that particular shirt, the brand has gathered crucial marketing insight using Luminati’s IP proxy network (IPPN) or residential IPs. It’s the same for when you’re booking a flight or hotel through an online travel site; chances are the prices being displayed have been decided following online research the travel site has conducted using Luminati’s massive IPPN.

Frontline | 09-Sep-2019

The Telegraph: " has extensive security and compliance practices..."

“We acknowledge that the inclusion of Luminati software on mobile applications is transparent and conducted strictly on an ‘opt in’ basis, whereby end-users are notified of, and consent to, participation in the Luminati proxy network. We accept that Luminati does not in any way condone the use of its network for nefarious or unlawful purposes, and that it has extensive security and compliance practices in order to prevent illegitimate activities on its network.”

The Telegraph | 02-Sep-2019

IP proxy network vs VPN - which is right for you?

How large businesses are using proxy networks to accurately gather data

TechRadar Pro | 20-Aug-2019

An open internet? IPPN is your web-based truth serum

Despite its importance in, personalisation has become a double-edged sword for almost every sector

IT PRO portal | 19-Aug-2019

Luminati: A Global, Peer-to-Peer Intelligence Network for the Enterprise

In a fast-moving, complex world, enterprise leaders often struggle to navigate the difficult challenges and decisions they must make because they lack one critical ingredient: intelligence. Much like political leaders need an intelligence network to be their eyes and ears, informing them about things that may affect their interests around the world, enterprise business leaders now require a similar capability. Whether it’s to understand the impact of millions of interactions coming from around the globe on core, customer-facing systems, or to gather competitive intelligence, it is now a strategic imperative that enterprise leaders have the ability to observe the world from the perspective of their customers and competitors — and from outside the walls of their own data center

Intellyx | 09-Aug-2019