Proxies for Website Testing

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Website Testing in different geo locations

The content of most websites takes into account a users location in order to adapt not only the site’s content but also ads and 3rd-party data presented. Testing from your local desktop can become a challenge. Website release managers, engineers, developers, and quality analysts, need to test the websites they create and maintain. Ensuring that codes, sites, ads or web applications perform as intended is crucial to the success of the site. Accurate testing begins by setting the right parameters and the right environment.

Creating an accurate website testing environment

To create the perfect testing environment an analyst needs to emulate a real user. This is done by using the right types of software, correct device fingerprints, and the right geolocated IP type. A proxy network service, in combination with the right automation tool, makes testing website performance easy and most importantly, accurate. You want to be able to test by various geo-locations, but also, if relevant to your adaptive content, by different IP types: Residential, Mobile and Data Center.

About our Networks

Luminati’s IPPN (IP Proxy Network) offers a comprehensive array of reliable, fast, high-resolution IPs. With multiple IP types in any location across the globe, we guarantee we have the IPs you need. Use Data Center, ISP (Static Residential) IPs, Mobile, or Residential networks individually or rotate between them. With the ability to scale up and down while utilizing unlimited concurrent connections, our networks were built to ensure the delivery of your proxy needs without limitations.

Why Luminati’s IPPN?

Automatically rotate through our multiple IP types based on your demands. Our networks and Luminati Proxy Manager are easily integrated through API in every popular coding language. Automate your testing based on your specifications using Luminati’s IPPN and Proxy manager with built-in IP management features. Test your website and your scripts in the perfect environment and ensure the most accurate results available.
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